Digital Monetisation

Add Convenience to your business

Have a look! The person sitting next to you is online. This makes life a lot easier to connect with consumers, potential customers than it uses to be. And you are still thinking about taking your business online?

Today a person passing by your store daily wouldn’t have noticed it but the moment he sees a review or an online post about the store, then you can expect him anytime soon. Here we are all talking about 4G, the high-speed internet where we all prefer googling before stepping out which makes life so convenient for us that if something isn’t online, then something isn’t right.

E-Commerce Web Services by Bottleneck Solutions

Nowadays we don’t just say “see you later” in fact we end up saying “will catch up on Whatsapp”. And in this era can you imagine yourself telling your customers that they can’t reach you online?
You must have given it a million thought about going online but you have confined it to your self and have happily compromised that we are already doing well, then why do we need an online presence?

We have an example for you – To why you need to go online not just for your customer but your business needs too.

Let’s assume you have a dairy business and you supply to all the dealers in the town but have you been able to classify where your exact business is flourishing or if people have stopped using your product then why? Here is where digital can be leveraged to give you the exact number and help you prepare a better strategy for the future. Converting your business digital and making a direct connection with the consumer will not only flourish your business but also you get the direct feedback of your products which saves energy of finding out through sources about your product performance and while you think to add a new headache of distribution to yourself take it moreover as a digital approach for your business development by connecting with the stores directly with just a click. If any loopholes exist then with just backtracking your steps you can track the problem.

We are not trying to convince you to go digital, we are just making a point that it’s high time to use digital for your own good other than just looking at others leveraging it. Many people have started going online, who have actually tasted the blood and now have more business online than their physical stores.

Give it a thought! You are already doing better than last year, but are you looking for the same numbers this year or want to double it?